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GO1 - איכות חיים בתנועה

Use of electric vehicles
GO1 – מספקת מיכשור ניידות חשמליים למוגבלי תנועה ומתקשים בהליכה, ואנשים הזקוקים לכלי תעבורה ועבודה, אך חסרי רשיון נהיגה או זקוקים לרכב עבודה למחיתם.
The tools are powered by electric power only, including:



קלנועית עבודה

Scooter work

כסאות גלגים ממונעים

Motorized wheelchairs

מנוע עזר לכסא גלגלים ידני

Manual wheelchair auxiliary motor

אופניים חשמליים תלת גלגליים

Electric tricycle

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Transportation, a scooter is lawful as a motorized wheelchair.


Scooters are intended for use by the general population and not just the elderly or people with reduced mobility.

These tools are widely used in worker settlement,
Factories, warehouses, maintenance personnel, terminals and more.

In recent years, the use of electric vehicles and scooters in cities has increased, due to rising fuel prices.
Parking problems, replacement for car and scooter, awareness of green environment. All vehicles are exempt from licensing and fees apply to a motorized vehicle with fuel.

The variety of models makes it possible to adapt the right model to the needs of each person / family / institution and provide the right solution to: people with limited mobility, maintenance personnel, without a license
Driving, lacking a vehicle, transporting light loads and collecting, working, operating by the escort / caregiver, etc.

For patients who have difficulty operating upper limbs, it is better to use a scooter for the following reasons:
A) The handlebars prevent falling forward (as opposed to the wheelchair open at the front).

B) Extreme comfort in opening doors (house / elevator), due to the ability to operate a scooter back and forth with the right hand and left hand, while a motorized chair can only be operated with one hand.

For example, a patient seeking to open a door to the right and the joystick located on the right side of the chair will have great difficulty opening the door with his left hand and operating the chair with his right hand.

third) A patient whose one hand is dysfunctional can practice while riding a scooter (similar to physiotherapy practice, which is cognitive activation).

Scooters are divided into 3 groups

sexual - Use indoors and in the living environment, driving distance 8-10 km. Most of them fold / fall apart for car entry, elevator entrance,
Allow it to rise to a high floor after a slight unloading.

from - Use from the yard and travel a distance of 20-30 km. Some fall apart.

Maxi - Use from the yard and travel a distance of 40-60 km. Designed for personal use, strenuous work, maintenance work and light cargo transfer.

The models differ in physical size, wheel dimensions, turning radius, flexibility in narrow aisles, stability, weight, folding and unloading, engine, detachable or fixed battery (important for living on a high floor), ease of car / elevator entry, lighting, travel range, number of passengers, transportation By escort, speed and more.

These are all considerations for adapting the model to the user and should preferably be done in consultation with a professional in scooter undercarriages and wheelchairs before purchase.
ב-GO1 מתאימים הדגם לצרכיו של כל אדם ובכלל זה בדיקה בפועל בביתו טרם הרכישה (מעלית, מדרגות, רוחב דלתות, מעברים, משקל וכ"ו)
From the product catalog a person can get acquainted with the variety of solutions for the patient's needs. In any matter and question you can contact us for technical assistance and professional advice.

You can contact us with any question of advice and personalization test at the client's home - dial: 077-2194194.

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